Exploring the Dimensions of Psyche’s Depth


Why past lives matter

My Ph.D. dissertation work focuses on past-life regression from a Jungian/archetypal perspective, although my personal "soul" training for over 30 years has been grounded in Buddhist and Taoist traditions. The word "psyche" is actually derived from the Greek word for soul, which in my view, really makes our "mind" and soul inseparable. One of the biggest problems that many face in this lifetime – a fact discovered by both Freud and C.G. Jung – is that we are living fragmented lives. By exploring the fractures of this life that occur from stressful moments that we repress, and REMEMBERING the details in order to bring the fragments back to a state of wholeness, we begin to make sense of our lives and live our full potential.

My past life work helps clients work with trauma – whether it is the trauma of the death of a loved one or the stress of growing up in a dysfunctional household or the stress of illness – that so many of us have experienced in this modern world. Many repress the feelings or try to feel compassion or forgiveness for difficult situation or overcompensate for the deeply rooted stress by focusing on other things. Some feel guilt or shame over their behaviors that they can't seem to change. However, when we face the patterns that the soul has not yet worked out, our psyche can find ways to resolve the stress in a meaningful and lasting way. This process also helps an individual who is longing for more purpose – to find the message of the soul – by journeying deep into repressed or long forgotten memories to develop a relationship with lives we have lived in the past. I personally believe that my work with past lives is a karma clearing process that is more effective than many other approaches. 

The first session often reaches 2 hours in length, and it is recommended to sign up for a series of 3 sessions to best access and integrate long repressed or fleeting memories that are driving our behaviors. Send me an email to book a session. The cost is $200 for the first session, and a series of 3 sessions is $550. Session can be held in office (Denver or Aspen) or via ZOOM or phone.