When I shifted from working with corporations to working with individuals, I decided to be brave about sharing tools that have always assisted me and my best clients (even corporate clients!) in personal growth. These tools include books, videos, guided meditations, and elixirs that work with the subtle energy field, facilitating wellness. New products will be added regularly.


Ehsey mantra elixirs and tonics are a unique product that I developed over 8 years ago to assist the self-reflective and thinking aspects of "psyche" by activating subtle energy. After studying with Buddhist monks and nuns since I was young, it was clear that individuals in certain traditions were able to think and live with compassion and joy even when experiencing harsh conditions. One of the common factors was music and the repetition of mantra, a practice that I have adhered to since I was a teen. The elixir idea developed after I co-produced a modern chanting CD in 2009 which provided a lot of data from individuals who reported on their healing process while listening to chanting music. In that same year, I began studying the work of sound pioneers such as Masuru Emoto who was able to photograph drops of water exposed to various sounds. The complexity of the images after hearing mantra has been replicated in my own workspace, backed by hundreds of testimonials. I also studied with singing bowl experts from Nepal, shaman from Peru and Mexico, and sound gurus living in the West.

In the Ehsey product line, there are 5 water based formulas that are calibrated to the main chakras, plus hand-crafted herbal tonics that work on both the physical and subtle energy channels. Below are the formulas that I feel are best for strengthening the energy field in business ventures such as branding your new ideas. You can purchase these on the New Products page of this website. More products will be added frequently.

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