Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Strategies
for Lyme + Chronic Illness


lyme is a growing epidemic

Those with long-term chronic illness know the issues. Headaches, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness, to name only a few.

After obtaining an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan from your doctor, finding emotional and spiritual support for lyme and chronic illness is a huge key to overcoming the debilitating affects of the disease. It is even possible to find a gift in illness if one approaches health from a psycho/spiritual perspective.

My practice is focused on the archetypal psychology aspects of illness. What is your soul saying? What is the disease saying? What does this suffering want of you?

Strategies include:

  • Energy healing guidance with recordings for personal use

  • Identifying early trauma and working with stress and repressed memories to transform negative subconscious fragmentation into a deeper sense of what C.G. Jung called “wholeness”

  • Meditation Instruction

  • Depth/Jungian archetypal “talk” therapy

  • Bach Flower remedy formulas to balance emotions

  • Group calls with top experts in the field of medicine, herbology and meditation

Session held via Skype, phone or in person.

Email to schedule an free consultation: patricia@bukur.com