Too busy to meditate? This workshop can solve your problem!



Meditation with nature:

an intro to taoist meditation

In this workshop we will explore the basics of Taoist meditation, including working with the elements of nature to release obstacles, develop gratitude and open-heartedness, cultivate inner energy, and refine focused concentration on our intentions. This work will involve some movement, sitting meditation (with and without instruction), and discussion.

September 14, 2019, 10:30-12:30pm

Workshop will be held at

To be announced
Denver, CO 80210

According to research published in the Cognitive Therapy and Research Journal*, meditation has MANY surprising benefits including:

  1. It can improve your health by boosting your immune system. Many types of meditation can improve blood flow to every part of the body, release toxins, decrease pain, and improve energy.

  2. It can decrease inflammation. As we have all heard, inflammation is behind all major illness including heart disease, brain fog, immune disorders, weight problems, and more.

  3. It can boost happiness. Happy people are 93% more likely to have success in relationships, finances, and health.

  4. It can decrease depression by boosting serotonin. In addition, a study published in the Journal of Psychoneuroendocrinology (2009) shows that those with affective disorders can change "ruminations" and self-defeating behaviors after only 10 days of compassion-based meditation.

  5. It can boost your social life by increasing emotional intelligence and helping you find joy in social connections. Even the great yogis who meditate in solitary are sought out by practitioners who meditate with them!

  6. It can improve your sex life. Meditators are less judgemental towards themselves and others and nothing ruins sex more than criticism!

  7. It increases grey matter. Yes, thinking less and meditating more can actually make you SMARTER.

In my private practice and coaching work with clients–who range from high performing executives to extraordinary everyday people–I have seen innumerable benefits beyond what is published in medical journals. I have witnessed impressive financial improvement, weight loss, and miraculous healing from some very debilitating illnesses. Meditation alone doesn't resolve everything, which is why I am both a long-term meditator AND a Depth Psychologist, but daily meditation is instrumental in the work I do with myself and with others.

Suffering from Chronic Illness?

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