Patricia Bukur is a cultural creative,
depth psychologist, and consultant.


My private practice is devoted to coaching high level creatives, teaching meditation to executives, and supporting those who are struggling with chronic health issues.

My approaches ranges from art therapy, Jungian-based talk therapy, past-life regression work, energy work, and meditation.

As a longtime Buddhist/Taoist and seeker of optimal states of consciousness, my goal is to empower others to live the life of their dreams. I am dedicated to my personal meditation/energy practice, and I have studied with shaman from Mexico and Peru, energy healers from Asia, spiritual teachers from many traditions, and scholars in depth psychology. My method and approach are unique to the energy field and needs of my clients.

I have written many articles and co-written books, produced music and plays, promoted documentaries, and helped fundraise for humanitarian projects in the US, Kathmandu and Europe. I am a painter and poet who deeply loves how psyche speaks through art.

My book “Healing Myths” will be out in the summer of 2019. “Healing Myths” explores the underworld of limiting beliefs and emotions that stop us from living our full potential, with approaches to transformation.


Art Therapy with Active Imagination

Below is a small sample of an exploration of psyche using Active Imagination.

Please contact me to book a session. PREVIOUS ART EXPERIENCE IS NOT REQUIRED as this is therapeutic work, not artwork. ALL work on this page is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written permission.

Sample List of Articles Written (available upon request)

"The Pauli-Jung Archetype: Exploring the Yin and Yang of Mind and Matter," 2016.

"Voices from Within: Spontaneous Recovery and the Role of Psyche," 2016.

"THE SPACE BETWEEN: A Depth Perspective of the Intermediary Realm," 2015.


University of Illinois: BA

Pacifica Graduate Institute: MA in Depth Psychology

Pacifica Graduate Institute: Ph.D candidate in Depth Psychology

Certified Heart Centered Hypnotherapist

Domestic Violence Advocate

Certified Compassion Keys Practitioner (Levels 1 & 2)

Certified Reiki Practitioner