We stand on a peak of consciousness, believing that the path leads upward to yet higher peaks beyond.
In order to reach the next peak, we must go down into the land where the paths begin to divide.
— Carl Gustav Jung

I have always been on a deep pursuit to understand consciousness, and I believe that our psyche affects our well-being and true inner happiness. As a long time Buddhist and Jungian, my research is centered on consciousness from both an Eastern and Western perspective. By diligently studying and applying the impact of meditation-based practices on psyche, my goal is to help clients explore and navigate obstacles and trauma that might keep them from living the life they dream of. Approaches include psychotherapy, Jungian-based art therapy, past-life regression therapy, and energy work.



True change is a full body process that engages body/mind/soul.
If you feel stuck or trapped in patterns or emotions that you find limiting,
remember that change IS possible.

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